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Get A QuotePublic/Products Liability is highly recommended protection for your business in our increasingly litigious society. 

When cover is not compulsory it is easier to reject and deem as unnecessary, however, we are seeing and hearing more about the ever increasing “claim culture” and taking into account current Health & Safety conditions it is prudent to consider protecting your business from potential liability claims.

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The majority of Local Authorities will require you to hold Public Liability insurance to enable you to trade. Also, Event Organisers will wish to see evidence of insurance before you can attend their event.

We also advise and arrange Employer’s Liability Insurance (Compulsory). This is compulsory insurance which protects you and your employees. It covers your employees against work related accidents and injuries and protects you, the employer, from claims made against you if an employee is injured, killed or becomes ill as a result of working in your business.  An employee is deemed to be anyone working under your direction whether on a temporary or permanent basis and includes self-employed, sub-contractors and voluntary workers.

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